Reishin Kou

紅 黎深
In charge of the Civil/Public Administration Department and has been head of the Kou family for nearly fifteen years. He is Shouka039s younger brother Shuurei039s uncle and Kouyuu039s boss as well as adoptive father. He said his reason for adopting Kouyuu was because his older brother adopted a child so he wanted to adopt a random child to share his brother039s experience. Although Shouka revealed to Kouyuu that Reishin thinks of him as his own child. He039s good friends with Kijin since he039s allowed to be around him when he039s not wearing a mask. He039s also the one making all those different masks for Kijin. Kijin describes him as being crafty coolheaded and cold hearted but Reishin is usually seen very cheerful easygoing and sometimes childish. He sometimes plays tricks on other officials. Reishin is known to get carried away with things easily going overboard with nearly everything such as when Shuurei becomes ill and Reishin brings over just about every kind of medicine available regardless of its relevance. Also despite having difficulty finding the courage to tell Shuurei of his relation to her he is shown to be an extremely protective uncle going so far as to throw his fan with clear murderous intent at Ryuuki when the emperor attempted to articulate his desire to win over Shuurei039s affections. He also requests that Shuurei call him quotojisanquot which is used to address an uncle or simply a middleaged man so as to avoid having to give his name.