Yurika Doujima


Dōjima is portrayed as as carefree, lazy, vain, and immature; and she would sooner go shopping than go on a mission any chance she gets. She is consistently late for work and rarely does anything around the office, getting much negative attention from Kosaka. According to her, her parents had STN-J act as her "caretakers" and have the authority to get STN-J in trouble. She is a disappointment to the other STN-J members most of the time by doing the most minimal work during missions, and ditching them immediately when her task is finished. Dōjima does not warm up to Robin at first and mockingly calling her "Amon's Girl", but towards the end of the series she begins to take a liking for Robin calling her "Little Robin". She also begins to do a little more work and proves she has more insight and perception of her surroundings than originally presumed. Revealed to be a Solomon intelligence operative, Dōjima was sent by Solomon to the STN-J to uncover more information about the Orbo. In the end, she escapes the Factory with Nagira, who hid Robin after Amon saves her. After the attack on the Factory, she finally begins doing a good job in hunting witches.