Unico is a baby unicorn with red hair and has the magical power to grant wishes and happiness to anyone who befriends him. Unicos way of bringing joy to others gets him into trouble with the gods who believe that happiness should only be obtained by years of sacrifice and hard labor and not by meeting a little unicorn. The gods send the West Wind to banish Unico to the Hill of Oblivion but the West Wind takes pity on Unico and declines to follow the gods commands. The gods are furious when they learn of the West Winds defiance and send the Night Wind to capture Unico. To protect Unico from the gods and the Night Wind the West Wind must continually transport the little unicorn from place to place. Whenever the gods discover Unicos whereabouts the West Wind appears to spirit him away once again often without getting to say goodbye to any of the friends he has made. Source: Wikipedia