Shiemi Moriyama

杜山 しえみ

Age: 15 Date of Birth: March 6 Eyes: Green Height: 165 cm (5' 4") Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs) Blood: Type B Favorite food: Herb cookies from her grandmother. Pastimes and Talents: Gardening, making herbal teas, naming plants and flowers, baking cookies, lying in the sun Average hours of sleep: 8 Favorite Manga Genres: Does not read manga Favorite type of boy: Nice guys Details: ・Has only ever worn traditional Japanese style clothing since she was born. ・Blushes a lot. ・Slightly allergic to pollen. Shiemi is Rin's classmate and friend. Before she met Rin, Shiemi tended her grandmother's garden while her mother ran an Exorcist only shop inside True Cross Academy. During her encounter with Rin and Yukio, they were able to discover that Shiemi was having her life force leached out by a Demon. After Yukio exorcised the demon, Shiemi finally decided to become an Exorcist and started to attend class. It was later revealed that Shiemi had talent in becoming a Tamer, as she was able to summon a Greenman Spirit during class. It is apparently a rare talent to possess amongst the Exorcists, where there are only a few who can control demons and fight. (Source: Blue Exorcist manga volume one extras)