Tayuya (多由也) is a kunoichi of Orochimaru's Sound Four. Personality Tayuya is foul-mouthed towards most people, especially Jirobo, calling him "fatty", as he criticized her over it. She didn't think much of Shikamaru Nara as a leader, but as a weak, useless rat, who ran away when she used her Doki to attack him. Of the Sound Four, Tayuya was the only member to show a sense of morality, as she berated Shikamaru for sacrificing his teammates to bring back one person who voluntarily left. Involvement in Plot

of Konoha arc: Tayuya made her first appearance with the rest of the Sound Four, erecting a barrier to keep others from interfering in Orochimaru's fight with the Third Hokage. She later escorted Orochimaru when he fled. Sasuke Retrieval arc: The Sound Four escorted Sasuke Uchiha when he decided to join sides with Orochimaru. When Team Shikamaru caught up with the Sound Four, they managed to take the barrel Sasuke was being carried in from her. While trying to take it back, she was confronted by Kimimaro, who threatened to kill her if she didn't deal with some of the Konoha ninja. She fought Shikamaru, but was repeatedly outmatched by his superior intellect. When she started relying on brute strength, she was almost able to kill him, but Temari arrived, and killed her first.