Firo Prochainezo

One of the youngest members of the Martillo family and is a skilled fighter. He was orphaned at the age of ten and picked up by the head of the Martillo family after Firo attempts to rob him. In the Martillo family he is tasked with monitoring casinos to prevent cheating and later manages those casinos after becoming an executive member of the family. In 1930 he mistakes the immortality elixir for alcohol and takes it. He later distributes the elixir at a party becoming immortal himself. That year he falls in love with Ennis and devours Szilard Quates saving her and the new immortals. Despite the fact that she initially does not reciprocate his feelings due to her underdeveloped emotional capabilities they live together and eventually marry. When Maiza leaves the Martillo family in the 1970s Firo is given the position as the familys bookkeeper until Maiza returns. Source: Wikipedia