Jun Satou

佐藤 潤

A 20-year-old chef who works in the kitchen, Satou is a helpful but intimidating individual. He is in love with Yachiyo, but has problems expressing it. Of course, because she is so devoted to Kyouko, she fails to recognize any hints he attempts to make. He likes to take out his anger on Popura by messing with her or bending the truth, to which Popura naively believes. When Souma tries to help with Satou's development with Yachiyo, Satou unrelentingly hits him with a pan, showing that he is sensitive about his feelings for Yachiyo.

In chapter 219, he confessed his feelings to Yachiyo and asked if he could bring her to see the outside world (AKA asking her out). Yachiyo gladly agreed. While the rest of the staff are happy, Kyouko isn't pleased. Thankfully, she gradually accepted their relationship.