Touya Kinomoto

木之本桃矢, Toya, Tôya, Tory, Tori Avalon
Birthday:Feb 29
Blood Type:O
Grade: 11th Favorite subject: Chemistry Subject dislike: None Extracurricular Activity: Soccer Favorite color: Peach Blossom Favorite food: Steak Food disliked: Ganmodoki Best Recipe: Rice omelet fried noodles Family: Father Fujitaka Kinomoto mother Nadeshiko Kinomoto deceased sister Sakura Kinomoto greatgrandfather Masaki Amamiya In Cardcaptor Sakura Touya is the brother of Sakura Kinomoto. His birthday is on February 29th which makes him a leap year baby a person that can only properly celebrate their birthday once every four years. He holds the belief that as Sakuras older brother he is the only person entitled to make fun of her a belief that his best friend Yukito Tsukishiro refers to as a sister complex. However he is also protective and caring of her which leads him to dislike Syaoran Li when he finds Syaoran cornering Sakura in the schoolyard. Though Syaoran and Sakura eventually stop fighting Toya continues to dislike Syaoran when he becomes friends with Sakura knowing that Syaoran will eventually take Sakura away from him. He is a perceptive young man and has had a vague idea as to what Sakura has been up to as a Cardcaptor despite Sakuras attempts to keep it a secret. Toyas main relationship is with his best friend Yukito. Throughout the series Toya and Yukito are extremely close and eventually Yukito openly admits his love for Toya to Sakura after Toya saves his life.Toya was born with some magical ability allowing him to see ghosts including the one of his late mother. His magical ability is also what helps him sense when Sakura is in danger or when she is doing other magical things which enables him to follow her. Taken from Wikipedia In Tsubasa Chronicles: Touya is the current king of the Clow Country but he acts pretty much the same as he did in Cardcaptor Sakura