Kisara Nanjou

南條 キサラ, Valkyrie
First appearance: Battle 12 Age: 18 Height: 159cm Weight: 50kg Type: Dou Type: Katsujin Ken Martial Arts: Nyakwondo Taekwondo supplemented with cat movements Nanjou Kisara also commonly known as Valkyrie was the former Eighth Fist of Ragnarok and a Taekwondo practitioner that focus on kicking. She later joins the Shinpaku Alliance as one of its captains. Kisara is a fairskinned young girl of average height with short unkempt red hair. She sports a slender frame with a small bust which she insists is averagesize and welldefined legs and butt same size of Miu and Freya. She wears a green cap and a short tshirt with a Ashirt underneath showing. The jeans she wears are rather torn on the left side while mostly torn off up to the thigh on the right side. Kisara is tomboyish violent and merciless girl who enjoyed humiliating her opponents but after meeting and befriending Kenichi she does seem to have become a better person while retaining those qualities. Though often rude and foulmouthed she shows a tremendous amount of respect to her former leader Freya though eventually this evolves into more of a siblinglike relationship. Kisara hates above all else being treated as weak because she is a girl because a past opponent claimed that he let her win because she was female prompting her to cut her then long hair short. This puts her at odds with Kenichi who refuses to attack women. However she later develops a degree of respect for Kenichi after their fight during which he only guards against her attacks in order to slow/stop Kisaras advance to ruin Mius play. She is very aware and insecure of her relatively small breasts causing her to hate women with sizes larger than her especially Miu who she calls Dairy Cow. She also states she hates women that rely on weapons and believes that women should rely on their own strength despite hypocritically claiming earlier that she uses her boots to enhance the force of her kicks. Later on it is revealed that she has a very soft spot for cats especially kittens though she tries to hide this and only reveals this to those she considers close to her. In fact she is willing to protect the stray she picked up from the streets while enduring attacks from Freyas Valkyries. While refusing to admit it to others she reciprocates Ukitas crush on her causing her to attack him whenever he shows the slightest interest in any other girl. During the double date Kisara it is shown that she doesnt really like skirts due to how they get in the way of fighting. When she was little she used to have a kitten named Noir that ended up dying to protect her during a dangerous encounter with a stray dog. She has since then vowed to become strong and joined a Taekwondo gym to train herself. She leaves the dojo after her opponent claimed that he let her win because she was female.