Ikki Takeda

武田 一基, Takeda The Puncher
First appearance: Battle 14 Age: 18 Height: 176cm Weight: 61kg Type: Sei Type: Katsujin Ken Martial Arts: Boxing Takeda Ikki was formerly part of Ragnaroks Technique Trio along with Ukita and Kouga. He is currently one of the captains of the Shinpaku Alliance and one of Kenichis main rivals. He is a young man with a muscular build dark skin and silver hair. He is considered one of the most attractive men at his school and usually seen in his school uniform with bandages on his wrists from his training. Hes most often seen with a blade of grass in his mouth in an attempt to look cooler. Takeda is a confident person and has a very lighthearted attitude joking even during serious situations. He also shows extreme respect for his master James Shiba and the Masters of Ryozanpaku. Takeda was once a successful boxer and had a best friend who watched his back and the two would fight together. However one day an incident occurred when Takedas friend was attacked by delinquents Takeda came to help his friend but he received a serious injury to his left arm leaving it paralyzed. Takedas friend would leave him behind to become famous. This would cause Takeda to lose his love for fighting and become a delinquent himself. At some point he would join Ragnarok and meet Ukita his new best friend. After his arm is fixed by Akisame Takeda regains his sportsmen spirit once again and ceased being a delinquent which he then took on boxing one more time. He regained his lighthearted personality and becomes more friendly after leaving Ragnarok to the point where he stepped into the ring to challenge Member J of the Black Force team for the latters disrespect towards Mizunuma. Takeda is shown to have a poor grasp of the English language proclaiming to an enemy during the D of D tournament: I AM WIN YOU SAY SORRY OK? trying to get him to apologize to a member of the Shinpaku Alliance if he were to beat him in the fight. Since he and Ukita were delinquents throughout their last year of high school they were forced to repeat another year.