Seiichirou Sano

佐野 清一郎
Gender: Male Age: 15 Birth date: 6 February Blood type: O Ability: Change towels into steel Ability Level 2: Sano can change towels into iron by holding his breath however sharpeyed fans can see that sometimes it appears to be voiceactivated instead. But after he gives the commands he is sometimes left with a second or two to stop breathing in. Sano a 9th grader at Inaho Junior High School was known as the Genius of Robert039s Ten while he was part of it. But he had joined because the leader of Robert039s Ten Karlpaccho had placed a Death Pentagon on Sano039s King of the Celestial World Candidate Inumaru that would kill him by removing all his blood unless he listened to Robert. Sano can be creative with his power creating shields springboards spring and even boomerangs which he calls quotboomerang cutterquot. He has a burn over his left eye which was caused during an accident with a hot spring. Still he does love those hot springs and hopes to get the blank talent to obtain the talent of discovery in order to find a hot spring of his own. source : wikipedia