シチミ, Shichimi-San
One of two quotagentsquot from the Magic Academy sent with a report about the Star Crystals disappearance. Their true forms are unknown since they took the images drawn up by Haruna Shichimi is a cat and Motsu is a frog. They then stay at Mahora and keep a close eye on Negi to ensure his magic secrecy. Eventually this may no longer be the case when all of class 3A learn about magic and became Pactio partners. Shichimi begins to hang around with Nodoka often with some of the moments ranging from Shichimi taking a nap on Nodokas lap to the cat sitting on Nodokas head while shes in her Armor form. A few other strange cutscenes show them playing with tissue paper and bubblewrap. Occasionally they are found with the Black Rose Baron.