Takenori Akagi

赤木 剛憲, Gori
Year: 3rd Year Height: 197 cm Weight: 90 kg Jersey Number: 4 Position: Center Takenori Akagi is the captain of the Shohoku basketball team and Harukos older brother. Despite at first not thinking too much of Sakuragi who addresses him as Gori for gorilla due to his immense physical presence he actually realizes Sakuragis potential as a basketball player. Serious and disciplined Akagis dream is to lead Shohoku to the national championship. His determination is shown in the match against Kainan where he played on despite a serious injury to his ankle. Akagi considers Uozumi of Ryonan to be his biggest rival though their rivalry is not antagonistic indeed there is respect that borders on friendship. Akagi differs from the other starters in two respects. First he is the most academically talented out of all them and is considered a model student. After the loss to Aiwa knocks Shohoku out of the Nationals Akagi leaves the team along with Kogure to study for the college entrance exams. In contrast the other four had to beg their teacher to be given the chance to retake some exams they had flunked they would otherwise have been disqualified from playing in the Nationals for having failed too many classes. Second Akagi is the only starter not to have gotten into an actual fight although he has used physical force against his own players most notably Sakuragi and once Mitsui after the gym fight to keep them in line. He is the only other character besides Rukawa able to take one of Sakuragis trademark headbutts without being knocked out and the only other character who has had Sakuragi inadvertently dunk a ball on his head Murasame of Miuradai was the second in the manga in the anime the second one to be dunked on the head is Naito also from Miuradai. Regarded as the best center in the Kanagawa prefecture Akagi plays as a fairly typical center using his height and power to score close to the basket. He also has a reputation for being a virtually unbeatable defender. As captain of the team he keeps discipline among his players during matches. Akagi met his match during the game against Sannoh in the form of Masashi Kawata considered one of the best centers at the high school level. Initially intimidated when Kawata outplayed him he regained his confidence thanks to Uozumis encouragement and led his team to victory. Source: hoopedia