Ichiro Hongou

The male lead of the story. He is deeply infatuated with Yuuki and much of the series has him trying to confess to her. During the first several episodes he comes into possession a pair of Yuuki039s panties which he spends time trying to return. Whenever he pictures Yuuki not wearing her panties or sees her naked he has a tendency to get a nose bleed. When he finally confesses his love to Yuuki she tells him she loves him...and everybody else. Yayoi Sera and Zero all harbor romantic feelings for him. When he was younger he was accidentally hit by a falling spaceship and given a cyborg body. This allows him to transform into the warrior Cosmo Banchou a parody of Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon. The transformation is triggered whenever he experiences moments of intense sexual desire. By the end of the OVA it appears he becomes engaged to Zero because of a galactic rule which may or maynot be true.