ブックマン, Panda, Old Geezer
An old man who records the hidden history. He comes from the Bookman clan and doesnt have a name. Instead he simply introduces himself as bookman during his first meeting with Allen. Lavi accompanied him when he appeared in the manga. He refers to Allen as The Destroyer of Time as he believes that Allen is the only one who can defeat the Earl of Millennium. Bookman also mentions that a Bookman does not put himself in the frontline and he just happens to be on the same side as the Black Order. His antiAkuma weapon is called Heaven Compass which is a set of acupuncture needles. One of his moves is Needles of Spells: North Crime which impales the target with thousands of needles. His Innocence can also be used on a defensive technique called Needles of Divine Protection: East Crime making the needles encircle the target and protect it against external attacks. He also has some healing skills through acupuncture.