Inu no Taisho

犬の大将, Great Dog Demon
The Great Dog Demon was a powerful yokai lord who was known throughout Japan. Never formally addressed with a name he fathered two sons by two different mothers: Sesshomaru from an unnamed dog demoness and Inuyasha from a human woman unnamed in the manga but named quotIzayoiquot in the third movie. The Great Dog Demon is first mentioned in chapter 12 of the manga as Inuyasha039s father quota demon dog that prowled the lands of the westquot. The Great Dog Demon039s major foe in the manga was the dragon Rykotsusei whom he could not kill but sealed onto a cliff face with his claw Myoga calls this battle the quotcausequot of his death. In the third Inuyasha film Inuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler the Great Dog Demon survives long enough to save Izayoi and their newborn child Inuyasha still weak from his battle with Ryukotsusei he dies defending them from a human foe.