Shinpachi Nagakura

永倉新八, Shinpa
Birthday:May 23
Affiliation: Shinsengumi The Bakufu Rank: Second Lieutenant Captain of Shinsengumis 2nd Unit Nagakura Shinpachi is second lieutenant of Shinsengumi bellow Hijikata Toshizo and Kondo Isami. Overall his character could be called HappyGoLucky. He loves to make jokes and play with his comrades. Usually Shinpachi can be seen with his closest friend Harada Sanosuke picking on Toudou Heisuke. It is also noted that he is true alcoholic and womanizer as he is seen to break curfew one night and was out drinking. Despite being very cheerful and childish Shinpachi is master swordsman rightfully earning his position as second lieutenant of Shinsengumi. His character is based on Historical Nagakura Shinpachi.