Akiko Minase

水瀬 秋子
Akiko is Nayuki Minases mother and Yuichi Aizawas aunt whose main role is in Nayukis arc. She has blue hair that is a little lighter and more purpletinged than Nayukis hair. She is a little bit taller than her daughter and instead of letting her hair fall down like Nayukis she keeps it in a long braid which she usually places on her right shoulder. Like Nayukis her hair parts at the top of her head and falls down the sides. Akiko has a light complexion and has light blue eyes. She is usually seen smiling. Akiko most often wears a light pink jacket over a white longsleeved shirt. Akiko is a kind and caring person. She is a great cook and is proud of her special and unique jam which no one likes. Its unknown if she has tasted it or if she likes it. She tends to answer yes and no very quickly usually in one second. For example when Makoto wanted to keep Piro she said yes right after the question. Since she is a mother she can cook clean and will always be there if someone needs her. She works at an unspecified job and takes care of the house cooking various types of food most of which is good except for her infamous special homemade jam which she alone enjoys the taste of. She appears to not realize exactly what is going on around her taking in strays such as Makoto Sawatari and assuming lame excuses for her behavior. She may just realize that Makoto is a good person and can be cured of her anger which is true. Akiko certainly exhibits more knowledge of the situation than Yuichi as far as the origins of Ayu Tsukimiya and Makoto are concerned hinting that she is familiar with the supernatural goingson in the town and how they apply to Yuichi. Akiko is very important to Nayuki since she does not have a father. Akiko is known to be very easygoing and is constantly smiling. She will not even resort to stern lectures such as when Makoto spends money on herself that Akiko gave her to buy food. Akiko can be assertive though she never has once raised her voice in anger or otherwise. She will often give responses to questions within one second of being asked the answer almost always marking approval. Akiko has some indirect involvement with Makoto Sawataris and Ayu Tsukimiyas arcs. After Yuichi brought Makoto home for the first time Akiko shows no intentions of throwing her out or handing her over to the police. She decided to house Makoto for the time being until they could find her parents or until she remembered something. With Ayu Akiko asked her to stay at their house upon discovering that both of Ayus parents were out of town. Akikos main involvement is with her daughter Nayukis arc. From when Nayuki was very young Akiko raised her daughter alone no information is given about Nayukis father or what happened to him after Nayukis birth. As such Akiko and Nayuki are very close and never get in fights with each other. Source: Kanon Wiki