Michiru Kita

紀多 みちる, Chiru-Chiru
158.5 cm/ 46k Blood Type: A Birthday: 2/22 From manga Michiru possesses Shinigami Eyes which allows her to see a ring on a person039s neck indicating their impending death. However she has hated her gift ever since she saw dark rings around her parents039 necks who died in an accident after the rings turned jet black. She wears glasses that can subdue her gift allowing her to live her life normally. Although since the death of her parents she has felt a numb complacency with life living it out but having no will to achieve anything or even care if she dies or not an attitude which disgusts Shito. As the manga continues Michiru develops the will to live and become stronger to protect her friends. Michiru first meets Chika and Shito in the hallways of her school accidentally tripping over Chika039s hand. After she ends up finding out their secret they initially think of killing her but when they find out that she has Shinigami Eyes they instead inform her that she will be using her powers to help them hunt and fight zombies despite her protests. After various failures and meeting other members of the ZLoan office Michiru comes to accept her new job. She often takes the brunt of Chika039s abuse and is initially called 039500yen039 by him due to the fact that he believes she owes him yen500. He later begins to call her a quotgopherquot since she often does what other people ask of her without question. She is often attached to Zarame the Grim Reaper whom she communicates with as she understands what he says all the time and he rarely leaves her side. She is very fond of cute things. Source: Wikipedia