Shito Tachibana

橘 思徒, Boy A,Shao Ye

Birthday: January 21 Height: 176 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: AB Due to his looks and attitude, he is seen as an idol by the female students, though he seems to not care. He is generally a much more approachable person than Chika, but certain situations and people cause him to act cold and indifferent; when Michiru first told him that she had no real will to live, he told her how disgusted that made him feel, going on to say that he believes she does not deserve the right to live. Shito is linked with Chika by a spiritual chain. When he attaches Chika's right hand, or rather his own original right hand, he can generate a 9½ inch Ruger Super Redhawk revolver, which has the power to harm zombies with its spiritual bullets using his own ectoplasm.

It is not at first known what Shito wants to gain through the contract with the Zombie Loan office; while Chika wants to regain his life, Shito is revealed to never have been alive in the first place. It is later revealed to be because of the situation with his and Chika's hands being swapped that he agrees to the contract.

(Source: Wikipedia)