Aaroniero Arruruerie

Date of birth: April 23th Zodiac sign: Taurus Height: 205 cm 60399quot Weight: 91 kg Symbolizes: Greed Espada 09 the last of the original espada and the only Gilian he can devour and copy the abilities of other hollow. One of the 33650 + hollow he devoured was Metastacia the one that took over Kaien Shiba039s body assistant captain of the 13th squad in the seireitei. He used this form Kaien Shiba to attempt to get Rukia Kuchiki to kill her friends to atone for killing Kaien. However Rukia just couldn039t accept that and knew that Aaroniero wasn039t Kaien and attacked. After revealing his true form Glutoneria he stabbed Rukia with Kaien039s Nejibana when she was stabbed she felt guilty for not being able to save Kaien. But she remembers that she has Kaien039s heart. Rukia kills him by impaling one of his two heads and shattering the quotstasis tankquot that his heads were kept in. Source: Bleach official character books II