His head resembles soft serve ice cream hence his name. He was the guardian of the Jet Black Room of CBlocks Aitsuhage Towersome fans think he was the vice commander. Softon uses Babiron Babylon Shinken in the English dub he fights by channeling the power of the Goddess BlabsALot a nottooobvious pun: BlabsALot = Babble on = Babylon. Perhaps not coincidentally the shape of his head also resembles the typical manga depiction of poop. In promotional color artwork for the manga his head is colored brown whereas in the anime it is colored pink which is not a U.S. TV edit. It is later revealed that this isnt his real face but a mask used to control his powers similar to Gassers collar. He is the only nonhuman looking character to not fuse with Bobobo probably because he is too big to get in any of his openings. He allies with BoBoBos team after Beauty is kidnapped but doesnt officially join until the battle with Halekulani. In many episodes Softons poop jokes are directly copied from the manga but put in the context of ice cream. Later against Lambada Softon reveals he was given the power of the Black Sun by J and combines it with Goddess BlabsALot. During a battle in the Hair Kingdom against a Babylon assassin it is finally revealed that he is Beautys older brother explaining the connection he consistently has to her. He is also the mascot of an ice cream shop.