エルウィン・ラナ・シルフィス, Elwing,Ranah

An old friend of Zero from the Elf race, and is also the princess of Fontina. She is brave but also childish, sometimes. Elwyn is now traveling with Souma, and had mentioned that she would kill Zero if he abuses his powers. Souma is able to draw a soul blade with lightning properties from her, the Wind Thunder Sword Blitzbringer (風雷剣 ブリッツブリンガー, Kazeraiken Burittsuburingā).

It is hinted that she may have some romantic feelings towards Zero/Xion, and may be corresponded.

She seems to have some sort of bond with Xecty. Note: Though Japanese versions translated the name as Elwing, the official English translation became Elwyn.