Chibi Chibi

ちびちび, The Light of Hope, Sailor Cosmos, Chibi Chibi Moon
Chibi Chibi appears to be about two years old and cant really talk yet though she knows a few simple words and likes to repeat what other people say. In the manga she mostly imitates the ends of others sentences in the anime she mostly says chibi. Her red hair is always up in two heart shaped odango with little ringlets sticking out the sides echoing the hairstyle of protagonist Usagi Tsukino. In each series Chibi Chibi immediately attaches herself to Usagis family whose memories are modified so that they believe her to be the youngest childalmost exactly what Chibiusa had done on her first appearance. Once again only Usagis memory is left intact and because Chibi Chibi has the conversational skill of a toddler the Senshi are unable to question her. Chibi Chibi eventually transforms under her own power into a Sailor Senshi. In the manga she is simply named Sailor Chibi Chibi while in the anime she is called Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon. In the manga Chibi Chibi transforms by shouting the words ChibiChibi Crystal Power Make Up. This transition is never shown on screen in the anime. The truth of Chibi Chibis identity is very different in the manga from what it is in the anime largely because the two series were being produced at roughly the same time. In the manga: In the anime: