A young and freeSpirited Tuskan girl with a tragic past. Mirette was born with the Key Spirit Jumamis already inside her body. As such Mirette was dubbed the 039savior039 of Tusk. Since the day of her birth she has been isolated and confined to a small tower above the Tusk Palace where she can be kept 039safe039. Though she has been visited by all of the four ministers it is Gitra that is her primary guardian. She enjoys listening to the music that Gitra plays on a large pipe organ that she can hear from her room. Later after expressing a desire to see a real sky Morima gives her two 039move shards039 that allows her to escape the castle. She explored the area around her wideeyed at all the things she has heard of but never seen. She eventually encountered a man named Doruga who showed her the insides of Tote039s Cave which resembles a night sky. Mirette was eventually found by Tusk soldiers in Gitra039s care but escapes again where she runs into Zed who had just arrived in Tusk. When Zed returns and reveals that he not only failed to get the other key Spirits but also lost his ownMirette decides to return to the palace. She feels that Zed039s failure is a sign that she can039t escape her 039destiny039. Zed has a private moment with her and gets her to confess that she truly doesn039t want to be a 039savior039 but she also doesn039t want to run anymore. Zed asks her to let him take her burden but she runs off before giving him an answer. Wanting to see Doruga and the 039stars039 again she returns to Tote039s Cave and finds Lord Doruga there. She is at first happy but her joy then turns to horror as Dolga demands she give him her key Spirit. Zed and Gitra arrive but then Xeem and several squads of Tusk soldiers also arrive. As a battle prepares to begin Mirette039s sorrow and shock at what039s happening causes her own key Spirit Jumamis to awaken and emerge. The Spirit then draws all the other key shards to it and the shards revolve around in the air. Then all six key shards descend and enter Mirette039s body. As the others look on Mirette is surrounded by a black haze and a massive black Spirit with long gray wings covering its face appears. Xeem says that the Spirit is the true form of the combined key Spirits Tasker. Although Mirette was unable to handle the resurrection of Tasker. When the key Spirits left her body and went to Noa she woke up without her memories. Gitra becomes her caregiver taking her on a journey to see the world. Source: Wikipedia