Sagiri is a little girl introduced in episode 5. She belongs to a group of nomads that were carrying with them the Key Spirit Sachira. One day while she was wandering through a forest with a nomad named Galba she found Noa collapsed against a tree. Sagiri and Galba brought Noa to a place where he could recover. After nursing Noa back to health she befriended him. When Noa obtained Sachira all of the Nomads were killed except her. With nowhere else to go she went with Noa to Neotopia. During the war which led to Neotopias downfall she was kidnapped by Sara and was reunited with the Seekers. She learned that she is a descendant of a royal bloodline of Seekers who were born in a place called Leon. At some point in time Zymot invaded Leon. In order to keep Sagiri safe she was entrusted to Galba who raised her. Sagiri received the Key Spirit Shadin and is the Seekers quotSaviorquot but in episode 46 she entrusts Shadin to Zed in return for requesting that he find and protect Noa. She is last seen living on the Seekers flying ship.