Ling Yao

リン・ヤオ, Prince Ling
Age: 15 Occupation: Prince Goal: To find the secret of immortality and become Xingese Emperor Ling Yao is a Xingese character exclusive to the manga and the 2009 anime series. Due to his father the Emperors declining health Ling left his country to find the Philosophers Stone to stabilize Xing as well as grant him the key to immortality. Although he is the 12th son of the Emperor Ling hopes the Philosophers Stone will help him rise in the order of succession and achieve the throne thereby securing his clans welfare. Though he is often laid back and hungry hes very noble and will do whatever it takes to help his clan. He is also a skilled fighter and has had many incidents involving assassination attempts at his life. He has formed a strong rivalry with Ed by doing things such as use Eds money to annoy him. Source: Fullmetal Alchemist wiki