Selphius Josephine

セルフィ, Selphy, Book Nut
Birthday: Autumn 3 Likes: Books writing used Bookstores rice balls sandwiches Dislikes: Jewels Selphy is a young woman who is first found in the gamepassed out in front of Raguna039s house. She is sent to Lara the nurse/sister039s house for treatment and tells them that she was quottravelingquotand hadn039t eaten in a week.Lara is very surprised at that and demands that she sleeps over that night.After that night she moves into the Library.She is a huge lover of books and puts the welfare of her books over everything else.She always forgets to eat and sleepwhich worries Lara very much. If Raguna marries Lara in the gameSelphy says something very interesting. Saying that quotLara will make a great wifebecause i actually wanted to marry herquot But then she says she is joking. You never know if she really did want to marry her or not.