ハセヲ, The Terror Of Death
Gender: Male Class: Adept Rogue MultiWeapon in Japanese Real Name: Ryou Misaki Age: 17 Avatar: The Terror of Death Skeith Height: 174cm In .hack//Roots Haseo is a newbie player to the Online game known as The World. He is an outcast in real life and not very good at dealing with people. Upon logging into The World R:2 Haseo is attacked by PKs Player Killers and rescued by Ovan the Guild master of the Twilight Brigade. Haseo then joins the Twilight Brigade in order to learn more about Ovan. Eventually after Ovan disappears for an extended period of time the Twilight Brigade is disbanded and Shino is PKed by TriEdge. Obsessed with saving Shino Haseo continually seeks power culminating in his journey into the Forest of Pain a new Lost Ground where after confronting another AI Harald his PC body was transformed. At that point level 133 and equipped with an arsenal of incredibly powerful weapons Haseo became the Terror of Death a PKK or Player Killer Killer who hunted down Player Killers. Upon finding them he demanded information on TriEdge if they failed to give any useful information which was usual he killed them. The name Terror of Death was the title given to him by players as he truly cared nothing for any other player except for Shino. Around this time Ovan returns and informs Haseo that TriEdge will reappear shortly at the Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. Haseo attempts to defeat TriEdge but is DataDrained returning some time later as a level 1 character with no items or contact info. Source: .hack Wikihttps://dothack.wikia.com