Sadaharu Inui

乾 貞治
3rd Year Student Birthdate: June 3rd Zodiac: Gemini Class: 311 Relatives: Mother Father Play Style: Data Tennis Serve and Volley Dominant Hand: Right Special Moves: Data Tennis Quick serve Height: 184cm or about 61 Blood Type: AB Favorite Shoes: Puma SEQUENCE PTO636 0067 Favorite Racket: Prince GRAPHITE CHALLENGE Favorite Subject: Physics Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Durian according to Momoshiro Italian soup noodles according to Eiji Hobby: Gathering data making juices making his glasses reflect light Preferred Type: Someone calm. Someone that is older. Fathers Occupation: Office worker Seiyuu: Tsuda Kenjirou Sadaharu Inui is a 3rdyear student and regular member of the Seigaku tennis team. He is an intelligent player and is best known for collecting player data which he incorporates into a unique playing style known as Data Tennis. Source: Kuryujiru LJ and Prince of Tennis Wikia