雪華綺晶, Shirobara,Sparkling Snowdrop Crystall

Kirakishou is the true seventh doll of the Rozen Maiden. Her costume is different from that of her imitation, Barasuishou, and she has a living rose in her right eye, whereas Barasuishou merely had an eyepatch covering her left eye. Kirakishou's precise abilities have yet to be seen in the anime. In the manga, she is seen controlling rose vines when taking Hina-Ichigo's body and also when ensnaring Shinku and Suigintou during their first meetings. It could be possible for her abilities to consist of ice crystals in the anime, serving as Enju's inspiration when creating Barasuishou. Kirakishou, is shown very briefly towards the end of the final episode of Rozen Maiden träumend, watching Laplace no Ma dance with two Rosae Mysticae in his hands. Nothing more about Kirakishou has been revealed in the anime.