Somuku Kanou

Age: 26 Birthday: July 24th Horoscope: Leo Blood type: O Height: 195.3cm Weight: 83kg Shoe size: 28cm Occupation: Running a financial firm. Hobby: Work Special Ability: Normal permit. Dangerous item handling. Grade A license. Highest Education Completed: University A twentysix yearold businessman who runs a financial firm in Shinjuku. He was saved by Ayases kindness around four years ago therefore saved Ayase when he was being auctioned off by buying him for 120 million Yen. In order to protect Ayase he forced the 1.2 billion debt plus a hefty interest of 10 every 10 days on Ayase as a means to keep Ayase with him and pays 500000 Yen to Ayase each time they have sex. He has a hard time trying to express his feelings towards Ayase due to his gruff nononsense exterior and particularly Ayases navet and reluctance to accept a relationship between two guys. An extremely possessive and jealous person Kanou forbids anyone to come close to Ayase without his permission and lets him go outside only begrudgingly. He is not above bullying or even manhandling Ayase if he happens to hurt his feelings. Nevertherless Kanou is mostly kind and considerate towards Ayase and expresses his passionate affection towards said person without restraint. Realizing that he has started off on the wrong foot by raping Ayase after the auction he tries to make it up to him by doing various things with mixed results i.e: solving Testuos debt and in the manga: buying Ayase new clothes allowing him to attend summer classes allowing Ayase to work. In the released artbook an interview with him shows that his motto is perseverance brings success and that he washes his right shoulder first when bathing. Source: Wikipedia