Sayuri Kurata

倉田 佐祐理
Birthday: May 5th BloodType: A Height: 159cm Weight: 45kg Three Sizes: 845582 Sayuri is Mai Kawasumi039s only friend before she meets Yuichi and thus her biggest part is in Mai039s story. She is the daughter of a wealthy family and always tries to smile and help others. She uses more formal Japanese honorifics for Yuichi when she addresses him even when they become close friends. Sayuri cares very deeply about Mai as it shows since they not only hang out together constantly but Sayuri will get worried if Mai is in trouble she also never forgets Mai039s birthday. Initially she is completely ignorant about the demons but even though some begin to target her near the end of Mai039s story she stubbornly stays by Mai039s side. Sayuri as with Ayu and Makoto has a cute quirk when she laughs she voices a distinct Ahaha. Sayuri always addresses herself in the third person due to an event in her past.