He is their homeroom teacher and usually is shown to have no real care for his job or his students. He often uses Kawai as a scapegoat when something goes wrong even when confronted by Yuusuke of these ways he just smiled and accused Yuuske of standing up for her because he was in love with Kawai. He always tries to find a way to get Kawai expelled even giving a necklace he confiscated from Kawai to Hana in hopes that she would attack her to get it back. He showed his lowest point where he poured ink all over Kawai and when he arrived in the room stated she ran away. Once she enters still drenched in ink he goes off accusing the students as they had a grudge against her even going as far as to accuse that Kawai did it herself to gain sympathy where it wasn039t till after all that did he admit it was him and he spilled it on quotaccidentquot though would only publicly state that if she announced she had reformed thanks to quother loving teacher039s guidancequot.