First Appearance: Volume 8 (Manga), Episode 15 (Anime) Former Rank: #3 Type: Offensive Dauf was originally his generation's Claymore #3, surpassed only by Rigaldo and Isley. He is currently Riful's follower and lover, helping her torture captured Claymores and forcing them to Awaken. Dauf, in his Awakened form, is an immense humanoid with tremendous strength and exceptionally hard armour plating. He can form large rods from his armor (usually from his hands, back, and in his mouth), firing them as projectiles. Riful has stated that she made Dauf her lover because he is the only Yoma who could "accept her without breaking". However, for all his physical power, Dauf is rather unintelligent and notably poor at tactics. His regeneration and healing abilities are also very slow. In his first appearance, he managed to fight Clare and Galatea to a standstill, as neither could breach his armor. He was defeated when Jeane managed to cut a gaping hole into his chest, nearly killing him. Accordingly, Riful had to intervene to save his life. He is extremely devoted to her and is terrified that she will one day leave him.

He assisted Riful in her fight against Alica, Beth & the Abyss feeders, resulting in the loss of his right hand and legs. He has been infected by projectiles. Priscilla hints that he may of deliberately let himself get hit by Projectiles but despite that forgot the original goal of what he wanted to protect as he throws Riful's body on the ground like a piece of trash when encountering Priscilla.

(Source: Wikipedia)