Chamka Tan

Age: 16 Birth Date: February 14 Birthplace: Ha Tribe Hokkan Height: 173cm Blood type: O Constellation: Void Xu Symbol Location: Left shoulder blade Hobbies: hunting The second Seishi. He is a brash teenage boy but also naive and shy. He wanted to earn some money for his family and so went out looking for bounties... none other than Rimudo His first meeting with Takiko was taking her hostage to use as bait to lure out Rimudo... at Takikos suggestion. She later tries to escape but he stops her and Tomites mother steps in. Tomite is more or less made to protect Takiko but he doesnt mind too much. Tomites family lives a traditional nomadic lifestyle but are victims of bandits and the growing tension with the invading Kutou armies. As a young boy his father was killed by the mou mountain monsters and its something that hes been trying to cope with for a long time. He has no siblings and so his mother is very precious to him. Its the difficult but somehow still happy lives of the members of the Ha tribe that inspire Takiko to accept the role of Priestess. Tomite is a skilled archer capable of speed and accuracy. His true power lies in his ability to manipulate ice but he is reluctant to showcase his abilities because of what onlookers may think so its something he only uses in dire situations but from what has been seen its clear that his power is profound. The very first time his power manifested he was fifteen and his mother had just been hurt by monsters attacking the tribe. He doesnt remember much of it and put the blame of what happened on Hikitsu until Hikitsu forces him to relive the memory. According to the original Fushigi Yuugi he was also able to produce rings of energy that would contrict around enemies cutting them in half. No examples of this power have been seen in the Genbu Kaiden yet. At his core Tomite is a somewhat awkward silly teenage boy. He had a small crush on Takiko but backed off once he realised it was not reciprocated. At first he was confused and rather hurt by her seemingly onesided infatuation with Rimudo who was regularily threatening to kill her much less did he show any interest in her but as Takiko and Rimudos relationship has steadied he seems mostly content to do his best for Takiko by being a strong and devout Seishi. Tomite has some background with Hikitsu. They clearly knew each other as children but the extent of their friendship is unknown though they appear quite comfortable with each other. After being reunited with Hikitsu and even before the other Seishi agrees to help Takiko the two of them make a pact of brotherhood reinforcing the pact that has been made between their tribes for generations. Hikitsus little sister Aila has a very onesided crush on Tomite and with the overprotective Hikitsu looming its clear he doesnt know how to handle the situation. 200 years in the future the Suzaku seishi encounter his ghost still residing in a temple where the Shinzahou is kept. Both he and Hikitsu have remained to protect the final remaining manifestation of Genbus power.