Maria Momoe

百枝まりあ, Momokan
Birthday:Apr 18
Blood Type:O
Height: 163 cm Momoesan is the supervisor of the baseball team. She was part of the softball generation at Nishiura. She loves everything about baseball to the point that she willingly spends all of the money she saved from her part time jobs on the baseball team. In high school she was the manager of the softball team and took part in all of their practices. As a result of this she is a highly skilled player and very good at coaching her team both in practices and when sending signs during games. The team have nicknamed her Momokan short for Momoekantoku coach Momoe in Japanese and are very fond of her although they often find her scary too. She has a dog Aichan who is thought to be a mixture of a corgi and a Shiba Inu. She drives a motorcycle and works in physically demanding jobs such as cleaning the windows of skyscrapers.