Miki Hashiba

羽柴 美紀
Miki is a first year high school student and member of the school field and track team as a sprinter. She is best friends with Suzuka Asahina and later Yamato. Before they began attending the same high school Miki had often encountered Suzuka during track meets and disliked her because Suzuka came off as cold and aloof. However once she realized that Suzukas distant nature resulted from her perfectionist tendencies and dedication to her sport Miki came to respect Suzuka and they became friends. Although initially attracted to Yamato Akitsuki upon realizing he was infatuated with her best friend Suzuka she immediately puts a hold on her own feelings. Miki is extremely loyal to her friends and will do anything to help them. She meddles constantly in their affairs and can be quite incessant in forcing them to confront their feelings. When asked what is most important to her in life her answer was simply Friends Wikipedia