Hitomi Kizaki

Lives with her father out in Hokuba, where she helps him run a nice little bed and breakfast. Both the anime (Volume 5) and the manga (Volume 9) have an event where the girls (in Miss Fuyutsuki's class, Class 3-2) get jealous because all the guys seem to like Miss Fuyutsuki more than they do. Several little attempts made by the girls to scare Miss Fuyutsuki forces the teacher to evaluate things and dwell on the past. In the anime, this sequence is longer and thus enables us to learn more about Miss Fuyutsuki. Anyway... she use to be so close to Miss Fuyutsuki, but her hatred of teachers changed it. It took some talking (especially from Onizuka) to get some things straight. All of this started because of the actions of one Miss Sagara. http://gtogreatteacheronizuka.freehomepage.com/about.html