Zapan first makes an appearance when Daisuke Ido and Alita in her new Berserker Body visit Bar Kansas. Although there are many other hunterwarriors present Zapan is the only one who is named revealing that he was one of Ido039s patients. When Ido proposes that the hunters band together and go after the infamous criminal Makaku Zapan makes an exception claiming that hunterwarriors are lone wolves and that Makaku is none of his business. He claims that to be a professional involves carefully choosing onersquos prey and minimizing risk. This does not sit well with Alita who questions Zapanrsquos rationale as a disguise for cowardice. This provokes a fight with the hunterwarriors as Alita refuses to back down. During the fight Alita manages to get ahold of Zapan from behind manipulating his arms and legs and using him to slice up the other hunterwarriors before sending him and the other fighters out of the bar in a heap. He manages to escape Makaku when the latter arrives at Bar Kansas. source : wikipedia