Kan'u Unchou

關羽 雲長, Kan-san, Goddess of War
Three Kingdoms counterpart: Guan Yu Birthday: November 8 Horoscope: Scorpio Age: 19 Height: 172 cm Blood Type: A Three Sizes: B96 W60 H91 School: Seitos Academy 3rd Year Toushi Rank: Special ARank Weapon: Reienkyous Blade Believed to be the most feared and powerful Toushi around she even carries the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade from her predecessor as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi she also has overwhelming chi. She believes her destiny is to die protecting Ryuubi. It is believed by many characters that Ryomou will one day kill her. Presumed to be an old friend of Kakouton and Kakuka. Despite this however she seems to have taken an interest in Koukin this happens only in the English Adaptation it is not present in the original JPN manga. She is eventually forced to side with Sousou and plan an attack on Nanyo in order to protect Ryubi from Kyoshos toushi who would certainly be after her. When she surrenders she is treated as a prisoner. She is handcuffed beaten and stripped of her clothing. When Ryubi submits the Gyokuji for Kanus release Kanu refuses to accept the offer and stays as a prisoner under her own will. Sousou respects Kanus wishes and orders the Gyokuji to be returned to Seito. Kanu is able to break free from her handcuffs clearly holding back while she was captive. She is now treated more fairly while being kept under Sousous orders. In the anime: Personality is similar to the manga. In the first series Kanu only appears in two episodes to fight with Ryomou and Hakufu including Hakufus dragonmode. Kanus overconfidence led to her arm being broken by Ryomou. She then got serious and beats off Ryomou using only her legs and left arm but still managed to win a second fight against Hakufu while she was in her dragon state. Kanu was expected to win the toushi tournament before she unexpectedly forfeited after her fight against Hakufu. Animationwise this Kanu shows both her eyes which is a totally different hairstyle/look compared to the manga and second season she is not completely oneeyed in the second season though in a few brief scenes both eyes are shown. The blade part of her weapon was never shown in the first series. The Seito school color also appears to be teal instead of blue. In Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Kanu is similar to the manga version in terms of appearance. Like her predecessor in Romance of the Three Kingdoms she is one of the pivotal characters in the events of the series as she lives her destiny as Ryuubis protector and as one of the strongest toushi alive. Being the main character in this sequel Kanus invincibility was played down to make her character more believable she wasnt portrayed as strong as compared to the manga and the first anime series. Kanu is less flirty less confident insecure and her intentions towards Ryuubi are more obvious. She even admits her love for Ryuubi to Koukin. When she sides with Sousou and with Hakufu looking to challenge Sousou to a fight Kanu accepts the fight on his behalf. She is seen with a new dark yet still revealing costume possibly acting as a metaphor for defecting to Kyoshos evil leader. However Kanus loyalty to Ryuubi doesnt shake nor does her superiority over other toushi as Chouun pointed out and later proven by Kanu herself when she broke free of her handcuffs under her own power she could have just left Kyosho if she wanted to. She made it clear to Kakouton that she will kill Sousou if he attempts to assault Seito or harm Ryubi in any way. She was told to leave Kyosho by Kakouton and she returned to her own school. However she takes Chouuns advice to stay away from Ryuubi allowing Ryuubi to blossom as Seitos leader. She returned at the Battle of Chibi to protect Ryuubi. At the end of the series Kanu is still with Ryuubi as her guardian and close friend. A joke at the end has Ryuubi recommending Kanu to read a book called Ikki Tousen. The book is meant to be Romance Of the Three Kingdoms which the series is based on. In the third season she has finally came into terms with her feelings for Ryubi Gentoku who seems unaware and fantisizes about Ryubi doing intimate things with her on numerous occasions.