Nobuo Tanaka

A young man named Nobuo Tanaka who has come down with the flu. After receiving a flu shot at a doctors office he goes to work as a lab technician in a bioresearch facility. At a colleagues insistence he takes some experimental pills found on the facilitys directors desk. The pills turn out to be part of a biological weapon program reacting to the chemicals in the flu shot inside his body. Tanaka soon acquires a literally deadly body odor and becomes a walking weapon of mass destruction. After waking up from a nap he finds everyone in the facility dead though at first he thinks they are just unconscious. He reports the incident to headquarters and is instructed to deliver some papers and the experimental drug to Tokyo. The head of the research company and the Japanese military later realize that Tanaka is causing the poisonous gas and order him to be killed. The selfdefense forces futilely attempt to keep him from delivering the experimental drug to Tokyo. Source: Wikipedia