Youichi Arikawa

有川 洋一
Arikawa is a junior at a university studying law. He ends up helping out Misaki and Professor Tsujimura in the labs with their agricultural work however in his free time. Hes cheerful and very honest and straightforward about his feelings. Hes also a diligent student. His eyesight is poor so he alternates between wearing contacts which irritate his eyes and glasses. He starts the story out content with his girlfriend Kanami but after encountering Misaki outside and at the train station where hes left with his flower necklace he starts having romantic dreams about him. Arikawa develops feelings for him and his girlfriend breaks up with him. He has to deal with Misakis distrust towards him he embarrassed him in public by loudly telling him about his dreams and his fear of romance/sexuality after how his relationship with Kawabata turned out but eventually the two get together and are happy.