Mina Nagoshi

夏越 美奈

Haruto's high school classmate in Tokyo. When Haruto asks her out to a festival visit at Yuzuki's school, she interprets it as a date and starts criticizing him, but later begins to feel sympathetic and mistakenly believes Haruto likes her, leading to confusion. She later gives up, and tells Haruto she is dating someone from another class, although she occasionally reappears from a distance, and misinterprets more of Haruto's actions. At college, she meets Haruto as a member of their Outdoor Circle, whose leader thinks she's a bit strange. Haruto updates her on his current life and tries to tell her about Yuzuki, but, due to a bad choice of words, along with Mina's misunderstanding and Haruto never mentioning Yuzuki by name, Mina believes Haruto wants to date her, and was displeased when Haruto never called her. (Source: Wikipedia)