ヒース, Dome Ace Tucker

Anime Tucker's only anime appearance was in the episode Tactics Theatrics!!. In the anime, he is a big superstar. He likes to entertain others, and he has many fans. Automatically before the battle, he allows challengers to send in their Pokémon from other locations. Even if Ash was allowed to do this, he still used two Pokémon from his current party, Corphish and Swellow. He used an Arcanine and Swampert in a double battle against Ash Ketchum. The battle took place in the Battle Dome in front of a large audience. Tucker was defeated by Ash although he held a strong start for a while with his Pokémon's teamwork and strategy. Manga At the beginning of the Battle Frontier saga, Tucker was assaulted by Emerald while riding to the Battle Frontier Opening Ceremony on his Salamence. Tucker was promptly tied up and thrown backstage during the opening ceremony, where he is found by the other Brains. They let him go and he starts yelling at Emerald, on stage. Scott tells him to be quiet, and Tucker grows a flaming grudge against Emerald. Tucker bears witness to Emerald's victory over Noland, and immediately makes the boy come to his facility. However, the Battle Dome is actually Emerald's fifth challenge. Unlike the games, Tucker actually takes part in the tournaments rather than just challenging a trainer after winning a set number of tournaments. (Source: bulbapedia)