ウコン, Palace Maven Spenser

Anime: Spenser first appeared in the episode Cutting the Ties that Bind. He is a kind old man who specializes in herbal medicines, healing Ash's Sceptile when it apparently lost its fighting skills. While he usually rides on his Venusaur, he has a lot of stamina which is shown in battle. Spenser uses the whole of the island he lives on as a battlefield and so battles have an emphasis on nature and include a lot of running around. In Ka Boom with a View, Spenser used a Venusaur, Shiftry and Claydol in his battle against Ash, who used his Swellow, Heracross, and Sceptile, Sceptile learning SolarBeam in the process. He also has a Chansey, which he used to heal Ash's Sceptile. Manga: Spenser fought alongside Lucy during the press show-off of the Battle Frontier during its grand opening, using a Crobat with Poison Fang. Having touched the Blue Orb before, Spenser is able to recognize people who have once held the Blue Orb, such as Sapphire. However, it is this very ability that led Ruby and Sapphire to think that he was Guile Hideout. (Source: bulbapedia)