シュゼット, Shuzette
Augusta039s daughter and Cain039s halfsister and first love. She planned to elope with her lover by faking her death but he leaves her buried alive. Escaping from her premature grave she then poisons him and herself. Later in the series members of Delilah dig up her grave for her ring and ring finger to create Mikaila Mikeira? a younger doll version with the ability to summon and control poisonous spiders that are modeled after the Painted Red Leg Tarantulas. Alexis repeatedly tells Mikaila that she is quotan angelquot destined to bear Cain039s child which causes her to become obsessed with Cain. She later undergoes an aging operation to resemble Suzette more and win Cain039s love but it damages her fragile body. Cain later brings her to one of his hideouts to gain information about Delilah and she clashes with Mary believing that she is in competition with her for his affection. Although she is given the option of killing her to rejoin Delilah and continue to live Mikaila chooses to die while pondering the meaning of her artificially created life. Source: Wikipedia