Two years after the death of his father King Krichevskoy Laharl was awakened with the ambition to become the next Overlord of the Netherworld. Laharl is an extremely selfcentered individual and insists that he is evil with great fervor but he occasionally fails to hide his compassion invariably leading to much teasing on the part of his vassals Etna in particular. Laharl is very insecure with his emotions and believes that they are signs of a weakness that Demons should not have. As such he always responds to his vassals taunts with adamant refusal of any kindness in his heart usually accompanied by a rather unneeded show of force. Despite his rather slim frame Laharl possesses immense physical strength as well as powerful magic and often displays his power in excess to enforce his authority over his vassals. He is ruthless in battle and thinks nothing of the life of his opponent until they are at his mercy. He also has an irrational fear of statuesque women.