Ayumu Nishizawa

西沢 歩, Hamster
Age: 16 Height: 162 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood type: A Birthday: May 15 Ayumu Nishizawa is a girl from Hayates school before he became a butler. She always had feelings for Hayate and is happy when he pays his old school a visit. She violently lashes out at anyone who badmouths her and Hayate including a teacher who called Hayate a dropout because his parents had refunded all his school fees the day Hayate was sold. She confesses her feelings to Hayate but Hayate rejects them after getting a vision of Nagi. Undeterred she tries to talk to Hayate when she sees him a week later but she runs into Nagi. She is shocked that in terms of metaphoric strength Nagi is a dragon while she is a hamster. Nishizawa retreats vowing next time to bring a stronger hamster. She later challenges Nagi to karaoke only to lose. In the anime it is a running gag that she appears in every episode usually for less than thirty seconds doing something entirely unrelated to the episodes plot though always related to food. However she is the only girl who has successfully confessed her love towards Hayate which often places her in situations where she is alone with him. Most of the time she is shown eating something. Hinagiku and Ayumu made a challenge with one another Either Ayumu finally made Hayate her boyfriend or Hinagiku manage to get Hayate to confess his love for her. Both had promised to encourage each other through. Source: Wikipedia In season 3 she now lives in Nagis boarding house as one of the tenants.