Hyun-Bin Suh

Ha Yae-Rim
The heroine of the story. To survive the harsh life on the streets HyunBin has been pretending to be male upon advice from an older girl a prostitute. HyunBin and her little brother Pig were forced to beg by a local gang. One day the money they earned is stolen by one of the other gang members and when HyunBin cannot explain to the gang leader what happened to the money she and her brother are thrown out to spend the night outside in the freezing cold as punishment. Pig does not make it through the night and distraught HyunBin runs away. By chance she is taken in by a rich family where she is trained to become a male bodyguard she undergoes years of rigorous physical training as well as coaching to fix her speech and mannerisms to be boylike. Finally deemed to be worthy she becomes YaeHas bodyguard. Source: MAL